Go slow


Campaign concept

Slowing down fast fashion. The mass-production of cheap, disposable clothes  often made under poor working circumstances, as well as bad for the environment. As a student on a budget, I find myself contributing to this problem by shopping on trend – and seasonal items for low prices. I was convinced that durable clothes are way too expensive and unattainable for me and had no clue where to start creating more durable and environment friendly shopping habits.

From here, I started a research to make recycling and reusing fashion pieces more attractive in a small way, as well as raising awareness around the problematic effects of the industry.

With this concept, participants or customers can hand in used clothes which will be made into custom tote bags for a small donation. These could also be a good replacement for disposable bags. A part of the proceeds will go to charity. There is another option to hand in clothes and let your tote bag be sold by the studio or store that makes the bags. In this way, you will also receive a percentage of the yields.

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