Do you


made in collaboration with Marit Dekker, Aurora Albin, Rai van Oosterhout.


When it comes to openness and acceptance around sex and sexuality, we’ve come a long way since the last decade. However, there’s still a lot of stigma, stereotyping and social standards and we believe it’s about time to get honest and open.

Do you  is a podcast made by ordinary students, with ordinary guests, trying to normalize taboo’s and difficult topics. We wanted to create a safe, open and homely space with the main message: stay true to yourself and open to others.

In addition to the podcast we created a card game with variable topics which we use in our episodes to randomly discuss with our guests. The game could also be used by schools or individuals to get a conversation going. I’ve been responsible for the identity and communicating designs, creating an inclusive style that’s accessible for everyone.

You can listen to our first episodes on Spotify (dutch).

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