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I’m Esther. A people person, optimist and feminist with a great love for music, festivals and everything 80’s and 90’s. A realist with bright dreams, a thinker who likes to do, listener who puts communication first, between the lines but outside the box, an eventful history, but a bright future ahead.

I’m a 24 year old creator and student, based in the Netherlands. In 2017 I received my diploma as a graphic designer at Sintlucas. Right after that I started the bachelor New designs and attitudes at St. Joost school of art and design, where I’m currently in my third year.

I feel like myself the most when I’m creating for social-cultural purposes. Whilst I love making things beautiful and appealing, I find it even more important to tell stories with meaningful messages, to start conversations, connect people and change things for the better. What inspires me the most are stories of the people around me, their day-to-day lives, struggles and achievements, as well as parts of my own history and experiences.

I’m someone who always tries to focus on the positive sides and the beauty in everything whilst staying open to learn, which I can hopefully continue to do forever. I’m currently trying to discover how to combine my passions for concepting, designing and illustrating as well as practicing creative writing. Want to take part in my journeys or know more about me?  Let’s meet!

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